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Angelina Jordan Biography – An incredible singing ‘talent’ from Norway to America!

Parents of Angelina Jordan:

Angelina Jordan was born on the 10th of January 2006 in Oslo, Norway. Her mother’s name is Sara Astar. Her father, Gerry Christian Slattman, is a Petroleum Engineer.

Angelina Jordan with her mother

She has a younger sister named Juliette Slattman.

Angelina with her sister

Angelina’s maternal grandmother Mery Zamani is an Iranian poet and painter.


She did her primary schooling at Oslo Waldorf School. Later, she attended Oslo School of Music and Performing Art, where she did her vocal training.

Angelina Jordan Biography:

Angelina's Profile:
Personal Life:
Full NameAngelina Jordan Astar
Date of BirthJanuary 10, 2006
Age16 years, 8 months (in 2022)
Zodiac/Sun SignCapricorn
Birth PlaceOslo, Norway
SchoolOslo Waldorf School
Physical Stats:
5 ft. 10"
(1.78 m)
(178 cm)
50 kg
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown
Family & Relationships:
FatherGerry Christian Slattman
MotherSara Astar
Debut AlbumMy Christmas (in 2015)

The ‘Talent’ From Norway to the USA:

Angelina Jordan was about one and a half years old when she first heard Whitney Houston’s “I’ll Always Love You” on YouTube. She used to listen to that song continuously and tried to imitate it, and that’s how her parents discovered her talent.

After that, she honed her singing skills by observing singers like Diana Washington, Frank Sinatra, and Billie Holiday, which ultimately strengthened her passion for singing.


In 2014, when Angelina was seven years old, she participated in “Norske Talenter” (Norway’s Got Talent), a talent hunt show of Norway. In the audition round, she had amazed the judges and the audience sitting out there by singing Billie Holiday’s version of the “Gloomy Sunday.”

Later, she won the show, became a star in the country, and got famous in other parts of the world. She then featured in various renowned media outlets like TIME, CNN, People’s magazines, etc. She has also performed for US-based TV shows, like The View and Little Big Shots.

After winning Norway’s Got Talent at the age of 8, Angelina participated in America’s Got Talent. In her first audition at the show, she stunned the AGT judges with the “Bohemian Rhapsody” cover.

Angelina on AGT with Heidi Klum

After her performance, she also got a standing ovation from the judges and audience. Angelina’s mother and sister were also sitting out there. Lastly, Angelina won Heidi Klum’s Golden Buzzer. She later thanked Heidi for giving her the golden buzzer. However, she couldn’t reach the top 5 of the reality show.

Why Angelina Performs Barefoot?

Have you ever noticed that ‘why’ Angelina always performs barefoot at any stage? If not, then please do watch her videos.

Here’s the reason. When Jordan was six years old, she was living with her family in the middle east. One day she met a girl working as a street vendor there.

The girl liked Angelina’s shoes, and in response, the beautiful singer gave her shoes to that girl. She also added that she wants to be a doctor but doubts that she couldn’t be. So the six-year-old Angelina asked her not to lose her hopes.

At the end of the conversation, the little vendor said to Jordan that, I’d pray for you, and you must remember me. So in her honor, she doesn’t wear shoes while performing on stage.


Based on this actual incident, She published the book “Mellom to Hjerter” which means “Between Two Hearts,” illustrated by her grandmother Zamani.

Angelina published the book at the age of 9, making her the youngest published author of Norway.

Facts about Angelina Jordan:

  • Angelina Jordan sings “What a Wonderful World” in honor of the 2014 Nobel Peace Prize laureates Kailash Satyarthi (India) and Malala Yousafzai (Pakistan) at the award ceremony.
  • She made her professional debut with her album “My Christmas” in 2015.
Angelina with Avicii
  • In 2016, Avicii chose her for the vocals on his worldwide Volvo commercial campaign.
  • Jordan had performed for some social causes, including fundraising for California Space Museum and UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital.


  • She also plays Guitar, Piano, and Flute.
  • She is an animal lover.


  • At the age of 10, she did a live concert with Alan Walker.
  • She appears in a guest role in the last episode of the 2014 season of Netflix series “Lilyhammer.”

Frequently asked questions on Google:

Q1: What is the age of Angelina Jordan?

Ans: 16 years, 8 months (in 2022)

Q2: What is the height of Angelina Jordan?

Ans: 5 ft 10″ (1.78m or 178 cm) approx.

Q3: Who is Jordan’s mother?

Ans: Her mother’s name is Sara Astar, and she is of Norwegian descent.

Q4: Who is Angelina Jordan’s father?

Ans: Gerry Slattman is Angelina’s father, of Swedish origin, and works as a petroleum engineer.

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  1. If these height estimates keep growing it won’t be long and she’ll be getting cast for the lead jin “Attack of the 50 ft Woman, part 2”.

  2. Although it is human nature to be inquisitive about other people, I do find it offensive to publicly express personal opinions about the relationship between the parents of a young person. These “rumours”, for they are nothing else, began to appear in comments on YouTube when Angelina was about nine. I find it despicable that now, seven years later, people are still writing as if they are facts. Angelina and her family have never commented upon the matter, and they certainly have no obligation to do so. Let their private lives stay private.

    One last comment. Would all of you who have commented upon this matter like your private life plastered over the internet for everyone to see?

  3. Otkada sam otkrila Agelinu
    Jordan, njezin glas ,njezino pjevanje , i sve šta ona donosi ljudima oko sebe , osjećam , da će sve u svijetu biti u redu.

  4. Very rarely is it noted that Angelina’s maternal grandmother (Mery Zamani) was
    a child prodigy, as Angelina was. Grandma’s main forte as a child was artist and poet,
    but I did read somewhere that she sang, at 4 years of age, on an Iranian Talent Show.
    This would explain why she knew babies who were special (like she herself) could
    absorb music & lyrics, as well as singing aloud, at a much earlier age than experts
    believed to be possible. We know Mery loved jazz, and Angelina did state on The View,
    when she was 8, that she began singing jazz at 1-1/2. Personally, I believe Mery was the
    individual mostly responsible for Angelina developing singing skills so young.

    • Grow up Jeffery, this 2021. Who gives a crap?
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      You hateful person,
      You texted this crap to be disparaging.
      Lol- what religion do you judge people by?
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      y speculation, don’t you think? Why would any decent person post anything here that they wouldn’t use as conversation in a first casual meeting with her and her team?

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    Get over it. Maybe one day, she herself will reveal all. OK ?

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  7. It seems to me that her biological father is NOT Gerry Christian Slattman unlike her younger sister whose family name IS Slattman. It’s no big deal. But it also explains why her mother’s family plays the most important role in her existence. One hears absolutely nothing about either her real, i.e. biological, father or his family. Someday, the truth will out.

  8. Most times, artists, musicians, writers, movie stars etc, change their names completely or just the last name to have a unique name. That is why I think her name is Astar! Get it? A-Star!!!!! Astar!

  9. In sweden children use the fathers name if parents are married. If not they use mothers name… I kmow this since I an Swdesh…

    • Well maybe, but then why is her little sister named Juliette Slattman? And her mother went by Sara Slattman earlier, but then switched back to her maiden name Astar. It’s all very confusing. By the way, we know Astar is her maiden name because that’s the last name of Sara’s brother Michael, who is also Angelina’s manager.

  10. No one mentions why she doesn’t use her father’s last name of Slattman.
    He is Swedish and all Swedish people I know do use their father’s name.

  11. Angelina é bem reservada quanto sua vida pessoal. Será que Slattman é o pai biológico dela? por isso do nome dela ser diferente? Bom, de qualquer forma ela é incrível, em todos os anos que assisti AGT ela foi a melhor 🌟🌟

      • A Angelina Jordan pode ter esse nome como nome artístico! Como é cristã colocou Jordan fazendo alusão ao Rio Jordão, vez que tem boas passagens de sua vida no oriente médio!
        Qto ao pai, se ele é engenheiro de petróleo fica muitas vezes afastado nas plataformas de petróleo no mar! Talvez isso explique suas ausências em shows! Acho que a Angie é uma menina normal, com familia normal! O que a diferencia é a sua voz que é maravilhosa e com I’m timbre que parece não caber dentro dela! Ela canta magnificamente bem!!!!

  12. With regards to her father, Slattman, whom i have not seen in her performances, are they living with him? Why Angies surname JORDAN/ASTAR, why not SLATTMAN? In all the success of Angie…her father is absent, why? Just curious..

    • Jordan is her middle name, and Astar is from her mother’s side. Why not Slattman? I think it’s her choice (or any other reason could be possible). And, yes, her father was present in some of her performances but, yeah, not in many of them.

      • Indeed, we can see her dad in the first video for Norway Got Talent “Gloomy Sunday”. He carries baby Juliette in his arms . Angelina is 6-1 at the moment. She has grown up a lot in the last few years. 5-4 is not a correct height anymore 🙂

  13. Angelina Jordan why her last name Jordan her father‘s last name is Slattman, her mother’s last nam Astar, and her sister carries moms last name

  14. About her origins…
    Mery Zamani is an Iranian poet and painter, from Iran, she is her grand mother
    You said from her mother she is of Norwegian descent.
    You said from her father he is of Swedish origin
    Where does come from this Grand Ma then ?
    Angelina’s hair (and her sister too) are beautiful and brown and very long at the age of 7 ! this comes from Middle East origins, what are they ?
    You explain the story of the shoes…, she seems to have a big heart, we can see it in her eyes and feel it in her voice….
    Thank you

    • Yes, you are right!
      The blood of her Iranian grandmother won without a doubt as Angelina looks like a Middle East girl.
      The magical timbre of her voice is definitely unique with a slight oriental touch.
      Complete freedom of self-expression and confidence is reminiscent of the fearlessness of gypsies. Magic girl!
      However, her mother is also not at all like a Norwegian woman, her parents are Iranian / Japanese
      Since Angelina bears her mother’s last name, it is possible that her Swedish dad is an adoptive father. Its just a suggestion.
      Of course, all this is not so important, just wondering what people together created such magic as Angelina.


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