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From Virginia charm to Hollywood heights, Devin Druid has captivated audiences with his raw talent and chameleonic ability to breathe life into complex characters. Whether as the enigmatic Tyler Down in “13 Reasons Why” or the emotionally raw Milo in “Disgrace,” he’s left an indelible mark on film and television.

But beyond the screen, Devin keeps his private life close to the vest. He’s been in a happy relationship for years, choosing to share his personal journey on his own terms.

What about his family? Supportive parents, especially his mother, nurtured his artistic spark. Does he have siblings? (Spoiler: yes, his brother Aidan Fiske is also an actor!)

With a towering 6ft presence and a passion for video games and sports, Devin remains a captivating figure, both on and off screen. Join us as we unravel the story of Devin Druid – a star rising brighter with every role and leaving us intrigued by the fascinating chapters hidden off-screen.

Devin Druid Parents & Background:

The renowned American actor, Devin Druid, was born in Chesterfield, Virginia on January 27, 1998. His mother, Christine Druid, has been a pillar of strength and encouragement.

Interestingly, the acting bug didn’t just bite Devin, but also his younger brother, Aidan Fiske. The bond between the brothers extends to their shared passion for acting.

Devin Druid’s mother.

In addition to Aidan, Devin’s family includes three sisters – Caitlin, Rebecca, and Alexa Fiske. Caitlin and Rebecca are married. Aidan and Alexa, the youngest among the siblings, are actually twins. These two siblings share the same birthday, which is on April 23.

Each member of Devin Druid’s family contributes to the story of his life, shaping the actor we know today. As for Devin Druid’s parents, we lack information about his father. Devin, along with his four siblings, was raised solely by his mother.

Early Life of Devin:

From a young age, Druid exhibited a passion for the performing arts. This passion was ignited when he received a standing ovation at a school talent show, leading him to serve as the frontman for a rock band during his teenage years.

Druid’s younger brother, Aidan Fiske, who was already performing, played a significant role in influencing his career choice. Inspired by his brother’s performances, Druid developed a keen interest in acting.

Devin Druid’s siblings.

The turning point in Druid’s life came when he was watching a movie at the Byrd Theatre. The magic of the film industry captivated him, and he decided to pursue a career in acting.

Devin was just nine years old when he started auditioning for roles. Later, he made his acting debut in 2012 with the documentary “Trading Ages”.

Before stepping into the spotlight, Druid balanced his life as a student and the lead singer of a rock band. His decision to pursue acting came during his teenage years, marking the beginning of his journey in the film industry.

Since then, he has showcased his versatile talent in numerous films and TV shows, earning recognition for his performances.

Devin Druid Partner, Height, Age & Biography:

Devin Druid’s Profile
Personal Life
Full NameDevin McKenzie Druid
Renowned asTyler Down (13 Reasons Why)
Date of BirthJanuary 27, 1998
Age26 years 4 months (in June, 2024)
Zodiac/Sun SignAquarius
Birth PlaceChesterfield, Virginia, U.S.
EducationNot known
Physical Stats
(183 cm)
WeightNot known
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue
Family & Relationships
MotherChristine Druid
Not known
Siblings1 brother (Aidan) & 3 sisters (Caitlin, Rebecca, and Alexa)
Relationship statusUnmarried
GirlfriendAnnie Marie
TV DebutFatal Encounters
Movie DebutTrading Ages

Devin Druid Girlfriend:

13 Reasons Why famed Devin Druid has been dating a model and actress named Annie Marie since July 2018.

Annie Marie is a talented actress. She has worked on several projects in the past. One of her notable roles was in a movie called “Perfect” which was released in 2018. Additionally, she has also acted in a short film “Lifted”.

Devin Druid with his girlfriend.

You might see her in future projects like “Goats” and “Agonist”. They are set to release in 2024.

Devin and his girlfriend often share pictures of their life together on Instagram, including photos with their dogs. Annie has also worked with several brands.

Devin Druid Movies & TV Career:

Druid embarked on his acting career in 2012. His roles span a wide range of characters, reflecting his diverse acting skills.

Devin Druid’s first foray into acting was in 2012 with the documentary “Trading Ages”, where he took on the role of the lead boy. This marked the starting point of Druid’s acting in movies.

Subsequently, in 2013, he featured in “Troop 491: the Adventures of the Muddy Lions”, playing the character Melvin. This role allowed him to explore different aspects of acting.

Devin’s early years’ pic

Later in the same year, he explored a different facet of his acting prowess in the short film “Disgrace”, portraying the character Milo. This role demonstrated his capacity to bring complex and emotionally intense characters to life.

Fast forward to 2015, Druid landed a role in “Louder Than Bombs” as Conrad. The film centers around a family grappling with their mixed emotions and memories of their late wife and mother.

Impactful Roles:

2016 proved to be a busy year for him. He played a variety of roles in films like “Wiener-Dog”, “MacBeth Unhinged”, “Sugar!”, and “Imperium”. Each role allowed him to showcase his versatility.

Two years later, in 2018, Druid ventured into the realm of psychological horror with “Cam”, playing the character Jordan.


Two years later, in 2020, Devin took on two distinct roles. He played the character of E.W. Noyes in the movie “The Man in the Woods”. Also, in the same year, he portrayed the character Wayne in the film “White Elephant”, a comedy about eight millennials who convene for their annual gift exchange.

As we moved into 2021, he was part of a short fantasy comedy called “Jelly”. Then, In 2022, Druid embraced the role of Boy Macduff in the film “Curse of the Macbeths”, a modern-day version of Shakespeare’s famous story.

In 2023, Druid played the character Lukas in a short film titled “Dropping”. In the same year, Druid portrayed the character Adam Faulkner in “Founders Day”, a comedy horror thriller movie.

Also, Druid is preparing to appear as the character Tom in a thriller titled “Finders Fee”, which is currently in production. The film is a psychological thriller.

Devin Druid with his partner.

In another upcoming project, “Puddysticks”, Druid’s role is yet to be disclosed. In “Agonist”, another post-production project, Druid is cast as Tristan. Interestingly, Annie Marie, who is Devin’s girlfriend, is the writer and director of the movie. Additionally, Annie will be acting in this short horror movie.

TV Career of Devin:

Devin Druid’s journey in the television industry began in 2012 with the documentary “Fatal Encounters”, where he portrayed Young Jesse Schwartz. Interestingly, his movies career also began with a documentary.

Transitioning to 2014, he appeared in “Those Who Kill” as Young Nathan and played Young Louie in two episodes of the series “Louie”. He also portrayed Christopher (age 13) in two episodes of “Olive Kitteridge”.

Then, in 2016, he took on the role of Danny in an episode of “House of Cards”. His performance in this political drama series added another dimension to his acting portfolio.

Druid’s portrayal in 13 Reasons Why:

A pivotal moment in Devin’s career came in 2017 when he was cast as Tyler Down in the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”. He embraced this role from 2017 to 2020, becoming a central character in the series.

Interestingly, Devin initially auditioned for the role of Clay in “13 Reasons Why”, but destiny had other plans, and he was later considered for the role of Tyler. To prepare for this role, he delved into online research to understand his character better.

Druid with Katherine Langford.

His portrayal of Tyler Down, a troubled high school student, was lauded for its depth and authenticity. As the series progressed, the character underwent a significant transformation, and Devin’s performance was instrumental in bringing this character development to life.

In addition, the popular show featured Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, who is the elder sister of actress Josephine Langford, Christian Navarro, and Alisha Boe. This teen mystery drama aired from 2017 to 2020.

In 2017, the 6ft. tall actor also appeared as himself in the documentary “13 Reasons Why: Beyond the Reasons”. Advancing to 2018, he played Marjorie Daniel’s son in an episode of “9-1-1” titled “Trapped”.

Facts about Devin Druid:

  • Devin Druid’s family had a genetic disability called ehlers-danlos syndrome.
  • He is a gamer and loves to play video games.
  • His favorite movie includes, Spiderman series.
  • He likes to read comic books.
  • Devin’s favorite music band is 21 Pilots.
  • His favorite marvel character is Spiderman.
  • His favorite DC characters are Wally West, Kid Flash and Robin.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Who are the parents of Devin Druid?

    His mother’s name is Christine Druid. She is a single mother who raised Devin Druid along with his four siblings.

  • What is the age of Devin Druid?

    26 years 4 months (in June, 2024)

  • Who is the girlfriend of Devin Druid?

    Devin has been dating actress and model Annie Marie since 2018.

  • How tall is Devin Druid?

    6ft. (1.83m or 183 cm)

  • Who are the siblings of Devin Druid?

    Druid has four siblings – 1 brother (Aidan) & 3 sisters (Caitlin, Rebecca, and Alexa Fiske).

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