Lia McHugh Biography, Height, Age, Parents, Siblings, Movies, TV & Facts


Lia McHugh Biography – The Eternal ‘Sprite’ of Hollywood! Parents & Siblings of Lia McHugh: Lia McHugh is an American actress born on November 18, 2005, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her mother’s name is Lisa McHugh. Her father, Michael McHugh, is an Entrepreneur. She has three brothers, Logan, Flynn, Gavin, and an elder sister, Shea McHugh. … Read more

Aníta Briem Biography, Height, Age, Family, Husband, Movies, TV & Facts


Aníta Briem Biography – From Iceland to London to all the way to Hollywood! Family Background of Aníta Briem: Aníta Briem is an Icelandic actress born on May 29, 1982, in Reykjavík, Iceland. Her father, Gunnlaugur Briem, is a musician and drummer. Her mother, Erna Thorarinsdottir, is a vocalist. Both her parents are separated now. … Read more

Ana Valeria Becerril Biography, Height, Age, Family, Boyfriend, Films & Facts


Ana Valeria Becerril Biography – A Mexican actress who becomes everyone’s favorite just after one TV show! Family Background Ana Valeria Becerril: Ana Valeria Becerril is a Mexican actress born on January 4, 1997, in Mexico City. Her father, Jorge Becerril Enríquez, is a science Professor. Her mother, Patricia Segura Medina, is in the medical … Read more

Dave Franco Height, Age, Family, Wife, Biography, Movies, TV & Facts


An American who wanted to be a creative-writing teacher but ended up as a successful actor! You’ll get to know here about Dave Franco Height, Age, Wife, and many more interesting facts about him. Family Background of Franco: Dave Franco is an American actor born in California on June 12, 1985. His father, Dough Franco, … Read more

Jack Davenport Biography, Height, Age, Wife, Family, Movies, TV & Facts


Jack Davenport Biography – One right ‘letter’ and he became an actor! Family Background of Jack Davenport: Jack Davenport is an English actor born on March 1, 1972, in London, UK. His father, Nigel Davenport, was a renowned actor who had worked in the industry until 2000. Nigel died in 2013 at the age of … Read more

Jamie Bell Biography, Height, Age, Family, Wife, Movies, TV & Facts


Jamie Bell Biography – An English actor who started learning Ballet at six! Family Background of Jamie Bell: Jamie Bell is an English actor born on March 14, 1986, in Durham, England. His mother, Eileen Matfin, is a professional dancer. His father, John Bell, was a toolmaker who left their family before Jamie was born. … Read more

Isabel May Biography, Age, Height, Family, Boyfriend, Movies, TV & Facts


Isabel May Biography – An American girl who decided to become an actor to complete the trio of her friendship group! Isabel’s Background: Actress Isabel May was born on November 21, 2000, in California. She is famous for her character of Katie Cooper from Alexa & Katie. She was a bright student and would love … Read more

Kanika Mann Biography, Height, Age, Family, Husband, Serial & Facts


Kanika Mann Biography – An Actress from Haryana who started her career without letting her parents know! Family Background of Kanika Mann: Kanika Mann was born on October 07, 1993, in Panipat, Haryana, India. Her father’s name is Kamal Mann. Her mother’s name is Sudesh Mann. She has two younger siblings – Abhijeet and Simran … Read more

Ty Simpkins Biography, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Movies, TV & Facts


Ty Simpkins Biography – Hollywood actor who started acting three weeks later he was born! Family Background of Ty Simpkins: Ty Simpkins was born on August 06, 2001, in New York, US. His father’s name is Stephen Simpkins. His mother, Monique Simpkins, is a film producer and painter. Also, she had acted in a short … Read more