Ty Simpkins Biography, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend, Movies, TV & Facts


Ty Simpkins Biography – Hollywood actor who started acting three weeks later he was born! Family Background of Ty Simpkins: Ty Simpkins was born on August 06, 2001, in New York, US. His father’s name is Stephen Simpkins. His mother, Monique Simpkins, is a film producer and painter. Also, she had acted in a short … Read more

Tyrel Jackson Williams Bio, Family, Height, Age, Wife, Movies, TV & Facts


Tyrel Jackson Williams Biography – Meet Disney’s Leo Dooley from Lab Rats! Family Background of Tyrel Jackson Williams: Tyrel Jackson Williams was born on March 16, 1997, in New York, United States. His father, Le’Roy Williams, is a former New York-based police officer. His mother, Angela Williams, is a songwriter and singer. Also, she has … Read more

Henry Zaga Biography, Height, Age, Family, Girlfriend, Movies, TV & Facts


Henry Zaga Biography – The new ‘Mutant’ in Hollywood from Brazil! Family Background of Henry Zaga: Henry Zaga was born on April 30, 1993, in Brasília, Brazil. His father, Admar Gonzaga, is a politician and former Justice of the Superior Electoral Court of Brazil. Admar was also married to Élida Souza Matos from 2007 to … Read more

Jasmine Jobson Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, TV & Facts


Jasmine Jobson Biography – From setting herself into foster care to getting a role in Top Boy! Family Background of Jasmine Jobson: Jasmine Jobson is a British actress born on May 09, 1995, in London, England. Her father’s name is Adrian Jobson, and he is Jamaican. Her mother belongs to Irish and Greek-Cypriot heritage. She … Read more

Holliday Grainger Biography, Height, Family, Husband, Movies,TV & Facts


Holliday Grainger Biography – An English actress who started acting at the age of only six! Family Background of Holly Grainger: Holliday Grainger is a British actress born on March 27, 1988, in Manchester, England. Her parents got separated when she was very young. After that, she was solely raised by her mother. Her mother’s … Read more

Olivia Cooke Biography, Age, Height, Family, Husband, Movies, TV & Facts


Olivia Cooke Biography – The British actress who is a popular face in Hollywood! Family Background of Olivia Cooke: Olivia Cooke was born on December 27, 1993, in Greater Manchester, England. Her father, John Cooke, is a former policeman. Her mother, Lindsy Cooke, is a sales representative. She has a younger sister named Eleanor Cooke. … Read more

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Chloe Fineman Biography – The comedian who can literally impersonate anyone! Family Background of Chloe Fineman: Chloe Fineman is an actress and comedian born on July 20, 1988, in California, United States. Her mother, Ellen Gunn, is a painter. Ellen learned this art from her father, who was also a painter. Her father, David Fineman, … Read more

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Curran Walters Biography – California-born actor who started acting at the age of 11! Family Background of Curran Walters: Curran Walters is an American actor, born on the 16th of January, 1998, in California. His late father, Jason Walters, was a Model who passed away in the year 2018. He has a younger sister named … Read more

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Conor Leslie Biography – The ‘Wonder Girl’ from New Jersey who started acting and modeling at 13! Family Background of Conor Leslie: Conor Leslie is an American actress born on April 10, 1991, in New Jersey. Her mother, Rosanne Leslie, is an author and motivational speaker. Her father’s name is John Leslie. Conor’s parents got … Read more

Vincent Martella Biography, Height, Age, Family, Wife, Movies, TV & Facts


Vincent Martella Biography – An actor who started dancing, acting, and singing at the age of three! Family Background of Vincent Martella: Vincent Martella was born on October 15, 1992, in New York. His father, Michael Martella, is the owner of Captain Tony’s Pizza, which has its branches across the United States. He has three … Read more